BIG & DRAGON HUGS CHALLENGE - Hug a friend and win cashmere shawl

Togehter BIG HUG and DRAGON HUGS invite you to take this wonderful Hugging challenge and forward lots of great impressions, emotions to your friends! 

Start: 25th November, 2019
End: Christmas 25th December, 2019

Challenge aim:  Hug as many friends, who needs a BIG and a DRAGON hug. Support your sincere friendship. 

The rules: 

1. You and your friend hug each other strong and long ( big & dragon hug) 
2. Make a picture of your hug
3. Send the picture to your friend and to us: with name Big & Dragon Hugs Challenge
4. Share this post to your social media (facebook, instagram, pintrest, twitter ect.) with 2 hashtags #dragonhugscashmere  and #bighugsbags 
5. On the 25th of December, you will get an answer from us either you a winner or not 

The prize:

100 % pure Mongolian cashmere shawl either knitted or woven ( the winner can choose color and production type) 

Let the Hug season begin!