It is so wonderful to hear from you after you received Dragon Hugs cashmere product! 

We are just 4 months in this great internet world and already received your love, smiles, thank you letters and even new requests! This is just amazing to have our relationship. 

Very happy to share with you these kind feedback :

- Baby blue woven cashmere shawl is my best travel buddy. (Urte, Lithuania)

Love red woven cashmere shaw. Actually is royal vermillion! (Martine, France)

I bought 4 luxury home blankets for my family, looking farward to they faces in Christmas. (Elza, Bulgaria)

- I want all people can try cashmere shawl, it is just the right thing for you! I enjoy eveningh shadow grey woven cashmere shawl every day. (Inga, UK)

- So soft and warm baby blanket, love to cudle my baby during cold Copenhagen weather. (Annette, Denmark)

- The best gift for my wife! She look so elegant. (Tom, Norway)

- Thank you for the great idea, your shawls is more than cover for the neck, it is truly beautiful thing to were on ocassions. I always take my black raven knotted shawl to opera or concerts. (Anna, Italy) 

- It is better than i expected! (Indre, Lithuania) 

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