Unforgettable new born baby photo sessions with Jurga

We know Jurga for a long time and tell you - she is a wonderful woman, lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her career changed, once she became a mother. Passionate and caring mother, in love with her beautiful daughters. From travel specialist she turned to specialised photographer of new born babies. 
Her studio - Dude Foto (www.dudefoto.lt) welcomes little adorable humans when they are first weeks in this colourful world.  You have to see what miracles happen there! 

Fragile and tiny babies have to be protected and covered with lots of love and care. Jurga choose Dragon Hugs baby blankets to warm babies, as well she uses blankets because of beauty and softness. 

Jurga likes to say: i admire my work because i know, the pictures will never grow old :)