Welcome to Dragon Hugs, where style meets sustainability.

At Dragon Hugs, we're taking a meaningful path in the clothing industry. We sell cashmere products that are both sustainable and ethical. It's our way of caring for the planet and the people who make our products. We believe in making fashion that's good for you and the world. 

How are we sustainable and ethical?

First and foremost, our pure cashmere thread originates from Mongolia's Capra goats, which are treated humanely throughout their lives, including provisions for adequate food, water, shelter, and medical care.
Secondly, we ensure that cashmere herders and workers are paid fair prices for their wool, thereby supporting local communities economically.

In addition to sourcing our cashmere threads from Mongolia, another crucial aspect of our product chain is the production process.

Our product suppliers consist of family-run manufactories in Nepal. We deliberately select manufactories where both masters and workers are treated with respect, ensuring good working conditions. Equally important to us is observing that the workers appear happy and relaxed, reflecting our commitment to ethical and humane manufacturing practices.

We're pleased to highlight that we incorporate recycled materials for packaging, and we take immense pride in the creative solutions we've implemented to support sustainability.

1. We steer clear of fancy laminated, plastic, or golden delivery boxes. Instead, we prioritise the use of recycled carton boxes, ensuring they are both eco-friendly and recyclable for further use.

2. Our labels, designed to resemble reversed animal skin, are crafted from recycled dermatin. They boast a beautiful appearance, easy care, and long-lasting durability, all while maintaining our commitment to preserving nature and protecting animals.

3. Our paper tags are printed on ecological paper and can be recycled.

4. With every shawl you purchase, you receive an amazing bag crafted from used saris in Nepal. Not only are they beautiful and practical, but they also serve contemporary women in the Western world.

5. We include sustainable candles as part of our gift box offerings. Handcrafted in Kathmandu Valley from natural red clay, these candles are filled with beeswax sourced from the Chitwan tribe community and packaged in handmade paper boxes. 

6. With each product, you receive a small sustainable gift: a natural cotton bag filled with dried lavender. Not only does it protect the cashmere shawls from insect damage, but it also adds a delightful touch of nature.

We choose to source our products from Nepal because we aim to support its traditional crafts, promote local economic growth, and empower artisans.

Our commitment is to produce high-quality cashmere garments that are made to last, in direct opposition to the fast fashion movement.

We have initiated efforts to share more educational content about the environmental and social impact of cashmere production, aimed at raising awareness among our customers.

We believe in living sustainably, paying attention to where our products come from and how they're made. If you share this belief, we welcome you to join us. Our pure cashmere products are made to last and meant to be treasured for generations to come.